Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Free Read: Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons by Vera Nazarian

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If you've been enjoying the recent spate of book mashups then this one is for you:

From the author of Mansfield Park and Mummies...

Dragons in the skies of Regency England!

Gothic horrors collide with high satire in this elegant, hilarious, witty, insane, and unexpectedly romantic supernatural parody of Jane Austen's classic novel.

Young and naive Catherine Morland is constantly surrounded by angels only she alone can see. Leaving her country home for the first time, to embark on a grand adventure that begins in fashionable Bath, our romantic heroine must not only decrypt the mystery of the Udolpho Code but win her true love Henry Tilney.

Meanwhile she is beset by all the Gothic horrors known to Impressionable Young Ladies -- odious demons, Regency balls, elusive ghosts, pleasure excursions, temperature-changing nephilim, secret clues, ogre suitors, and a terrifying ancient Dragon who has very likely hidden a secret treasure hoard somewhere in the depths of Northanger Abbey.

This ebook is currently available for free on Amazon.


Arghh, i wish I could get those blasted freebies

Thanks for the heads up, Simcha; I just downloaded it!

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