Saturday, November 5, 2011

Look what I got...

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I received a lovely package the other day from L.M Long, author of the YA book Founder. I had won the book in a giveaway but didn't really expect to get anything else along with it because of the shipping costs and so I was really excited to find it in my mailbox.

The package, which seems to have an Amazon theme related to the book,  included a beautiful butterfly clip that appears to be made out of feathers.

As well as an autographed copy of Founder, autographed bookmarks, a fountain pen (which makes me want to go out and get some nice stationary to match, though then I'd have to find someone to write to) a bag of Brazilian nuts (yum!) and a beautiful photograph of a poison dart frog (which my 3yr old keeps trying to steal from me).

This package really brightened up my week and I'm really looking forward to getting started on the book (while snacking on some of those delicious nuts).


yay for the lovely parcel you got :D

Oh, so pretty! That is so thoughtful :-)

That butterfly clip is exquisite, especially set in moss like that. WOW!

Oh that is beautiful! yOu should wear it in your hair!!

Pabkins @ Mission to Read

So cool! I think this author rocks to do that!

the butterfly box and clip is so awesome!! love it!

Love the butterfly. What a wonderful surprise.

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