Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Finds

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Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson

I love memoirs and I love Jenny Lawson's blog The Bloggess (which you are probably tired of hearing about from me) so Jenny's memoir Let's Pretend This Never Happened has me very excited, even though it doesn't come out until April.

There doesn't appear a book description yet on Goodreads for it so here is an excerpt from Jenny's blog:

I know I will never be Charles Dickens. I will never use a semi-colon correctly. Or know what a semi-colon is. I suspect it’s this thing : ; It looks like a sideways man who had half of his handlebar mustache shaved off when he passed out drunk at a frat house. But that’s not the point. The point is that I have story to tell and it’s filled with unpredictable raccoons and accidental stabbings and profanity and it is nothing like all the fancy books on my shelves…but maybe that’s what makes it special. And in all my talk about how strangely and beautifully unique each of you are, I never apply that same logic to myself which kind of makes me the biggest hypocrite ever. So starting today I’m going to start practicing not hating myself quite so much because then maybe when this book actually comes out I can say how proud I am of myself and it won’t be so much of a lie. Luckily for me, I have a long time to practice. Luckier for you, I’m about to shut up about my book and not mention it again until it comes out in 2012, which is coincidentally the same year that the Mayans predict that the world is going to end. I can’t help but suspect that these two things might be related.

I can't wait for this one, though I really hope it's better than Alan Alda's memoir Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: And Other Things I've Learned, which was far less entertaining than the title suggested it would be.


I just found out that Mary Robinette Kowal has a new book coming out later this year and since I really enjoyed Shades of Milk and Honey I am very much looking forward to reading this one as well.

Glamour in Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal

In the tumultuous months after Napoleon abdicates his throne, Jane and Vincent go to France for their honeymoon. While there, the deposed emperor escapes his exile in Elba, throwing the continent into turmoil. With no easy way back to England, they struggle to escape. But when Vincent is captured as a British spy, Jane realizes that their honeymoon has been a ruse to give them a reason to be in Europe.

Left with no outward salvation, Jane is left to overcome her own delicate circumstances and use her glamour to rescue her husband from prison... and hopefully prevent her newly built marriage from getting stranded on the shoals of another country's war.


I really like the first cover :)

Ha ha! That first one sounds cute. I know what a semi-colon is! It's the first half of a wink! ;) Yes, you can groan now. :D

Blodeuedd: It's actually a photograph of a real taxidermied mouse dressed up in a cape. There is a whole story about it on her blog

Melissa: I love throwing in semi-colons whenever I can because they make me feel sophisticated, though I suspect I'm not using them correctly either.

Okay, you have got me really excited for the mostly true memoir. It already sounds quirky and funny; two things I love in memoirs!

Stephanie: Me too! You should really check out her blog as well. I'm sure you would enjoy it.

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