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Favorite Fictional Character: S.A.R.A.H

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Favorite Fictional Character
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I decided to take this Meme out of retirement for the day as an excuse to talk about a TV show that I recently discovered and fell-in-love with, and about some of the fantastic characters that make up the show.

I started watching Eureka a few weeks ago when I mentioned on Twitter that I was looking for a new show to watch, and someone suggested this one to me. I don't think I had ever heard of Eureka before, which was surprising since it's been running for four seasons, but after just one episode I was hooked.

Eureka is about a small town which had been built by the government to house the world's greatest geniuses, and their families, in order to build futuristic inventions and find solutions to scientific problems. In the first episode a US Marshall, Jack Carter, and his juvenile delinquent daughter, Zoe, stumble into this town when their car crashes. After helping solve a case during his stay in Eureka, Jack is relocated there permanently as the town's new sheriff. In each episode there is some crazy situation that has come about from one of the scientist's inventions or experiments, and Jack has to figure out how to solve it.

Eureka has some wonderful characters, which drew me in from the very first episode. There is Jack, an average guy trying to keep in line a town full of crazy scientists, and his deputy, Joe, a weapon-obsessed young woman whose tough exterior hides a secret passion for fashion magazines and weddings. Jack's daughter, Zoe, is also a character that I enjoyed getting to know, especially as she develops from a rebellious teenager with a criminal record to an elegant and intelligent young woman. But none of these characters are the ones that I'm intending on focusing on here. The focus of this FFC post is actually S.A.R.A.H, Jack and Zoe's house.

When Jack moves to Eureka he is provided by one of young scientists with an experimental house that he had been working on, and which is set up in a bunker. This house is equipped to meet the personal needs of its residents and guests, and is even able to communicate with it's occupants by speaking to them directly in female voice. The house was named SARAH (Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat) and over time SARAH come to develop a personality of her own that leads to many humorous incidents throughout the series.

In the first episode SARAH refuses to allow Jack into the house because he didn't notify her that he would be late for dinner. In another episode SARAH takes Jack and several other characers hostage because she suspects that Jack may be planning to leave town. Though one of my favorite moments is when Jack and  Zoe, are having a heart-to-heart talk and SARAH decides to provide them with stirring background music to help with match the mood.

After catching up with all the episodes I was sad to discover that Eureka has been canceled, and the show will be wrapped up after a six episode season, next year. I'm very disappointed and am already missing this fantastic show and its characters. 


I have never watched this show, though I've seen pieces of it. I do watch Warehouse 13 and Alphas on the same channel, which seems to take place in the same universe.

SARAH sounds like a fun character, it reminds me of a Robbie Benson movie I saw where the house falls in love with him.

I never really got into Eureka, I should have watched more eps

Ooo I haven't started watching this one yet but it's in my netflix queue to stream sometime soon. I hear its really good. That's too bad to hear its already going to end soon.

That's hilarious! Sheriff's hot too...

Ryan: I watched the first episode of Warehouse 13 and it didn't really grab me, but perhaps I'll give it another try.

Blodeuedd: My friend said the same thing, after I kept bugging her to watch Eureka. Now we are no longer friend. (OK, I'm just kidding) But really, it's such a great show that I have a hard time understanding how not everyone could love it as much as I do.

Pabkins: Eureka is awesome! And you do have four seasons ahead of you to enjoy. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Stephanie: One of the things I'm going to miss the most about Eureka is the regular doses of Colin Ferguson, who plays the sheriff. I really hope that he will be picked up by another show so I won't lose him permanently.

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