Friday, September 16, 2011

Books in the Wild: UK's Books Swap

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This sounds so unbelievably amazing that I'm tempted to hop on a plane to the UK right now so that I can participate.

From the Guardian:

    The Guardian is launching its six-week autumn books season by setting 15,000 titles free in the wild this weekend. From fiction to design, and children's books to science, the Guardian has gathered thousands of books from publishers and authors and is distributing them around the country for free. Books will be left in public places where readers are liable to chance upon them, from stations and coffee shops to galleries and museums.

In addition to the books collected from publishers and authors, the Guardian has also asked readers to take part by contributing their favorite books. Participants can download a book plate from the Guardian website, which they can write a message on for whoever discovers the book. The bookplate also includes a link where people that find books can upload a picture of the book and where they found it, along with a review

Doesn't this sound like just the most fantastic idea you ever heard of?

I'm wondering who I need to talk to in order to get a project like this going for Israel's Book Week.


Oh, I love this idea!!! Just free books in general get me excited but to purposely leave them for others to find sounds so fairy tale-ish and random.

I think for it to work in Israel, the books would have to be non-bestsellers or big-name titles. Everyone already has the heavily discounted top-hitters but very few step out of that comfort zone. I'd love to help create something like this for next year's Book Week and I'm sure we could find a few others who'd be interested.

Stephanie: Despite my feeling's about the Guardian, I have to give them kudos for this idea. It's fantastic.

Biblibio: For it to work in Israel you'd have to take into account the different type of communities and provide them with suitable books, which would work if the religious authors and publishers would get involved as well. It would be so awesome though. I'd love to help to put this together.

omgosh! yeah, i wanna jump on a plane and head to the UK too. nothing beats free books but to randomly find them in the streets is awesome.

That does sound like a wonderful project!

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