Sunday, August 7, 2011

Free eBook: The Multiplex Man by James P. Hogan

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For the month of August Phoenix Pick is offering free download's of James P. Hogan's award winning scifi novel, The Multiplex Man.

Richard Jarrow was a mild and unassuming teacher who was sure that the government knew best, with its strong environmental controls on industry and its equally stringent control of education and the media. He knew that the countries of the former Eastern Block, who now claimed to have more freedom than the United States, as well as booming economies fueled by their exploitation of the resources of space, were only spreading ridiculous propaganda, and they either would soon collapse, starved by their diminishing natural resources and choked in their own pollution—or else they would attempt to steal the resources of the rest of the world, and have to be destroyed. Didn't the government say that was so?

And then his world went to hell...

Follow this link to download the book.

You need a coupon code to download the book, which you can get by signing up for Phoenix Pick's newsletter, or can use the one supplied by Free eBooks Blog in their post about this book, which is 99922991.


not my kind of book but free is always nice. hope you enjoy it. :)

Chilling last words. Thanks for the heads up!

It's amazing post, Computer Application Thank you so much.

Thank you.I Was thinking the exact same thing.I love books.Since I was a kid I would read books in a way that left them in pristine condition and then put them in my bookcase.Now I get to have the book and still download and read the e-book, Computer Engineering

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