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Friday Quotes

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Whenever I get around to it I post here some of my favorite quotes, or a few particular lines or passages that I enjoyed in recent books that I've read (or from somewhere else in the book world).

Enjoy! And feel free to share some of your favorite quotes with me as well.


The Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern

There are those whose minds are merely a bouquet of stalks that bud as they learn new information- a new bud for each fact- but yet they never open, never flourish. They are the people of capital letters and full stops but never of question marks and elipses.

A Tale of Two Castles by Gail Carson Levine

"May I sample one? " I heard awe in my voice. He twittered. I took that as consent. If he'd snatched the packet away, I'd have taken that as consent as well and snatched it back.

Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick

  • He let the sentence drift to the floor, stepped past it.

  • Dig down and you find the broken fragments of history; look up and you see the growing glory of the future.

I really enjoyed Patrick Rothufuss's response to a question about his beard (which apparently he gets asked about a lot) in a recent interview with Adventures in SciFi Publishing

...Dude, It's just a beard. I get a beard from not shaving everyday. And I understand it's something that not a lot of people have, and yes it is fully majestic, and yes, it proclaims my masculinity and virility to the world but...its sort of like- what would happen if in every interview somebody asked Neil Gaiman about his hair? That would be ...mental.. that's what it would be. And so, similarly- it's a beard!

(And if you are a fan of Patrick Rothfuss I highly recommend that you listen to the rest of this very enjoyable interview with him.)


I really want to read Gail Carson Levine. She seems like she has a lot of great heroines in her stories, which I'd really appreciate! I want to read Ella Enchanted, especially.

Love, love the quotes from Among Thieves. They sound utterly unique but very natural.

love gail carson levine. i want to read more by her. lol and i like the beard response. the best response.

Some great quotes.

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