Monday, March 7, 2011

Recent Scott Lynch Interview

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There is an interesting audio interview up at the Orion website (which I discovered via Fantasy Book Review) with the somewhat-reclusive fantasy author, Scott Lynch. I'm really excited about Lynch's upcoming release of The Republic of Thieves, the third book in his Gentleman Bastard series, and I listened to this interview in the hope of finding out more about this much-anticipated book.

Lynch does talk a bit about what we can expect to find in The Republic of Thieves; most importantly, he confirms that Sabitha will finally make an appearance and there will be flashbacks back to her and Locke's teenage days so that we can learn more about their relationship with each other. Lynch also speaks a bit about the depression that he has been battling and how it has effected him, a situation that many of his fans are probably aware of since he has been pretty candid about addressing it on his personal blog.

To listen to the interview visit the Orion Website


besides being a wonderful author, doesn't that man have a lovely, lovely voice? I wonder if he's thought about narrating some Gentleman Bastard books?

Republic of Thieves is the only 2011 book that I can justify paying hardcover prices for.

redhead: Yes, he does have a nice voice. For some reason, though, I expected him to sound British, even though I know he lives in WI.

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