Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shattering the Glass Slipper Competition Update

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The Shattering the Glass Slipper writing contest is underway and we are really excited by the wonderful submissions that we have been receiving.

If you haven't done so yet make sure to stop by here and read the entries which have been posted so far.

And if you are interested in submitting your own story you still have until January 31st to do so. Visit the Shattering the Glass Slipper blog for more details..

Just a few samples of the stories we have received....

Toe to Toe by Yaddi Shaw

He thinks I am lily. Or orchid or daisy. Or some other such sweetly affected, delicate flower, here for his pleasure. He thinks I am here for him to pluck from the weeds, sniff a few times then place in a plain crystal vase, plain less it outshine my radiance, then place high on a dais overlooking the royal throne where all who enter can see and admire and think him so lucky and duly blessed. He has never once asked me my real name. He does not know the name my mother on her death bed muttered to my papa. Rhoda, Rhoda. Rhoda is the name I hear in my dreams and open up to. I am a flower, see, just not one that my prince deems to call me by or knows exist. Truly, I think my life much misaligned from where it should be. Read More

Best Foot Forward by T. L. Sherwood

As the boot flew across the room, Manford wondered if the job market was truly as horrendous as his employer had informed him that it was. Personally, he didn’t know of anyone without a job that wished to have one. In fact, Mr. Charles had asked Manford if he knew of anyone else who would be suitable for the footwear position. Read More

Masque by Amy Allison

Something glittered deep inside the trunk. I reached for it, and shivering, drew it up from the bottom. “It’s a diamond necklace,” my mother said as she fastened it around my neck. I screamed. Its freezing grip terrified me. Read More


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