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Things I Love as Much As Books... Hammocks

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Things I Love as Much As Books
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I'm a firm believer that it's just as important to have comfortable place to curl up and read as it is to have a good book. And my favorite spot for reading, or just relaxing, is a hammock.

I love hammocks and if I could I would replace all of our couches and chairs with them, or at least hang them all from the ceiling (and perhaps when we get a house of our own I just might try this).

I received my first hammock when I was twelve, from my uncle who own an army surplus store in California (and if you like military gear you should check it out. They have some really cool stuff). When I got back home I hung up the hammock in the attic and proceeded to spend hours there each day swinging idly in the air and reading my favorite books again and again ( which were mostly Gordan Korman books, at that time).

Later, when I moved to Atlanta for high school, I hung up my hammock between two trees in the large,forest-like backyard. It was wonderfully quiet back there and I would enjoy just lying in the swaying hammock and staring up at the leaves and the sky.

When I moved to Israel I treated myself to a new canvas hammock which I hung inside the house, on a convenient hook that was left in the ceiling. Guests were always fascinated by the hammock and were curious to try it. I would guarantee them that it would hold their weight and usually I was right (though occasionally I wasn't and the hammock would collapse, much to my embarrassment)

But after a while I had to move the hammock outside because my kids kept mistaking it for a swing and if they saw me in it they seemed to think I wanted to be pushed. Or that I wanted them on my lap so we could swing together. And so my hammock moments are few these days but I do occasionally sneak outside, when my kids aren't looking, and enjoy some time in in it. Until they find me again and insist on pushing me.

How about you? Do you have a favorite piece of furniture for reading and relaxing?


So jealous! I have always wanted a hammock, but have never had one. Just for the record, I would LOVE to have them as replacements for the furniture! :)

Books + hammocks = reading nirvana. However, now that I think about it, the last time I was in a hammock, it didn't quite swing and hung low to the ground. I felt quite the fatty. I couldn't figure out how this guy who was heavier than me was just swinging away in his.

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