Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cool Stuff Around the Web

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I just finished reading Kate Elliot's Cold Magic, which I loved, but for some reason I'm having a really hard time reviewing. So I have no review for you today and instead will direct you to some other websites and blog posts (which is a lot easier then coming up with original content of my own).

The Bloggess, who I'd never heard of before but will definitely be visiting again, has a funny and entertaining post about meeting Neil Gaiman at WOOtstock (which I'd never heard of either)

He was gracious and sweet and seemed vaguely baffled by me but in a very charming way and I explained that at the Miss Kyle Texas beauty pageant I’d been allowed to ask the contestants a question and that none of them had been able to answer it to my satisfaction so I thought he could give it ago and he was like “Of course. Please continue” and I took a deep breath and asked gravely “In an epic battle for world domination between unicorns and zombies, who would win?” Then Victor gave me a look like “WTF?” because he honestly had no idea that was my question but Neil (without pause, like bad-ass he is) stated confidently “Unicorns, of course”. And I was a little shocked at how quickly he came up with his answer so I was all “Okay, show your math” and he explained that “unicorns not only had the ability to run the zombies through with their horns but also they would be able to hoove the zombies and they’d all turn to sludge. There would be sludge everywhere but unicorns would be victorious” and I probably should have just said “Exactly!” but instead I was all “No. That’s not the right answer at all but I will give you extra points for using ‘hoove’ as a verb because I’d honestly never even considered how much hooving would be going on with unicorns”.

And there is even a picture of Gaiman in a monkey hat, so head over here to check it out yourself.

And at ThinkGee I fell in love with these knife coat hooks which I think would look great in my apartment though I suspect my kids would try to pull them out of the wall to stab each other with, so I'll probably have to pass on them for now.

If you needed additional proof that some of the coolest stuff comes from Israel, check out this jewelery and art made out of bottle caps by Israeli artist, Yoav Kotik.

I love seeing the different tattoos that people decorate their bodies with and I enjoy looking through this site at the photographs that people have sent in of their own tattoos. Some are really cool while others make you wonder what the heck the person was thinking (they do know these are permanent, right?) but it's a fun site to look through


Those are creepy pics. I prefer jewelry to ink.
Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
twitter: @fangswandsfairy

Ok ... I'm LOVING those knife hooks. Not sure my husband would go for them though.

And I'm with you ... tattoos are fun to look at but I always think "You might regret that someday and it is going to be really really really hard to get rid of."

Hihi those knives are away too cool

Awesome websites, especially the first. Neil Gaiman is so cool! I am thoroughly persuaded of the mastery of unicorns and intend on using the verb "hoove" more frequently from now on.

omgosh, that Neil Gaiman zombies vs unicorns thing is a riot!!! especially the "show me your math" bit. i neerly snorted coffee out my nose reading that!

Jenner: Yes, even the most beautiful tattoos won't look so great when the skin is no longer taut, but many of them are works of art that I can certainly appreciate.

Blodeuedd: I know, they would be a great ice-breaker too...

Stephanie & Redhead: You know, I didn't realize until recently that the zombie vs unicorn debate was such a serious matter but I now realize that it requires some serious thought on my part. Oh, and I'm with Neil (because he's awesome)

Cool books coming out this week! Thanks for the update! Happy reading!


I *must* have the knife hooks.

Completely awesome.

yay for Neil Gaiman!

And that jewelry is amazing!

Oh the coat hangers! Those are so neat. As they wouldn't fit into my home, I really do like them though. :) Cool things here!

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