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Favorite Fictional Character: Eloise

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Favorite Fictional Character

Each time I visit my parents' house I make sure to peruse the bookshelves for any of my childhood favorites that I might have overlooked on past visits. If I do come across any of these books I will surreptitiously slip them under my shirt and sneak them out of my parent's house and into mine, where they will find a new home on my bookshelves (and I really hope my mother isn't reading this).

On my last visit I came across an old treasure that I haven't thought about in years, Eloise by Kay Thompson, and under my shirt it went. Once I arrived at home I sat my seven- year old daughter down to read her this book which I had so loved when I was a a little girl. My daughter was rather bemused by Eloise ('Ima [that's "mother"in Hebrew] she isn't appropriate, you can see her underwear!') but I loved reacquainting myself with this wild and fun-loving book character.

Reading about Eloise's antics brings back for me the delight of begin a child and living side by side with your imagination. In Eloise's world egg cups make great hats, turtles wear sneakers, paper cups can be used to talk to Mars and anything you need can be charged to room service.

When I was young the stories that I imagined for myself were almost as real as life to me and that's something I miss about being a child. But reading about Eloise brings it back to me for a bit.

[Side note: Although my daughter wasn't as taken by Eloise as I was, my two year old son really loved her nanny, for some reason. Now he keeps asking me to read him the book about "Nanny." go figure.]


Lol, yes Eloise doesn't look very proper

You know I'm not that familiar with Eloise though like a lot of charaters, I'm aware of her. I'm going to have to check her out for myself, great choice.

I put a Mr. Linky on my post for this week so please add a link to yours on it.

Eloise, Eloise... she sounds familiar. I don't know if I ever read about her or just heard about the books. But it does sound familiar.

It is great when you can share the books with your own kids. :) Glad you found it.

Blodeuedd: I was just surprised that my daughter cared that much. I didn't realized I raised such a proper girl :)

Melissa: Yes, I love sharing my favorite childhood books with my kids. I can't wait until my oldest son is ready for The Indian in the Cupboard and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Ryan: Well I'm not sure how exposed you've been to books about little girls, as a father of a boy. But my son really likes Eloise, so you never know

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