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Favorite Fictional Character: Shawn Spencer

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Favorite Fictional Character

In honor of the return to television of one of my favorite shows, Psych, this week's FFC will focus on the show's main character Shawn Spencer.

Shawn, played by James Roday, is such a fun and entertaining character to watch and is one of the main reasons that I tune into Psych each week.

Raised by a stern father, and dedicated cop, Shawn was taught to pay close attention to every detail of his surroundings and as a result he developed an acute sense of awareness, able to observe details that most people would never notice. As an adult Shawn uses this skill to help solve crimes for the local police station while claiming that it is his psychic powers allowing him to do so. While the police unit he works with are generally dubious of Shawn's claims, they continue to work with him because he does actually manages to assist them, no matter how much he annoys them along the way.

Shawn is often self-absorbed and irreverent, making jokes in the most inappropriate moments and driving his friends and family crazy with his irresponsible behavior. But somehow he also manages to be engaging and likable, and occasionally even charming. And then there are my favorite moments of the show when we are offered a deeper glimpse into Shawn's personality, past his jokes and carefree attitude to the love and loyalty he feels to his family and friends, and his willingness to do anything for them.

Shawn also plays off of his childhood-friend and business partner, Gus, who is really employed by a pharmaceutical company but keeps getting dragged along on each of Shawn's escapades. Each episode is sure to include one of Shawn's famously odd introductions of himself and Gus along with his creative online liners beginning, "Gus don't be a ..." which regulars of the show will often look out for.

If you are not familiar with this awesome show I highly recommend you give it a try. In addition to the show's wonderful characters and interesting storylines there is also a sense that the actors are really enjoying themselves. There are even certain jokes among the show's cast that have made their way into the show, such as the pineapple that appears somewhere in each episode and a song and dance routine often performed at the end of each show by various members of the cast.


My roomate loves this show but I've never really watched it. It sounds like Shawn is an interesting character who I should get to know. Thanks for the heads up.

I've never heard of Shawn or this show, but I now super want to check it out.
Thanks for the recommendation!

What! A cop show with a unique premise! I don't believe it! It does sound like an interesting show, but with it being summer, I'm trying not to watch TV as much. We'll see what happens in the winter though! Thanks for the heads up!


Ryan: You should definitely give Psych a try, it's so much fun. Though try to watch the first few episodes so you can have some of the background story.

Audrey: I'm sure you would love Psych, and Shawn, if you give them a try.

Bryan: I really don't watch too much tv either but since I began book reviewing reading doesn't provide the absolute escape that it used to, so I now turn to tv when I need a real break.
I've heard that Psych is often compared to Monk, though I enjoy Psych a lot more. I really don't watch too many cop shows so I can't say how it compares to others but I like the balance of humor and drama that it provides, and the wonderful characters.

You know this is one show I always seem to miss. I have heard of it and wanted to watch it. But for some reason, whether it was on at a time I wasn't home or doing something else, never have been able to catch it. Sounds great though. :) Thanks for the character!

Melissa: I'm surprised to see how few people watch Psych as it is so much better than most of the other shows out there, in my opinion at least. If you do give it a try I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Such a great show, I'm always suprised when people haven't heard of it or just haven't given it a chance. It's like nothing else on tv, better than all the too-serious cop shows out there. - Jessica

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