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Favorite Fictional Character: Peter Pan

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Favorite Fictional Character
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I've always been fascinated with Peter Pan (either the Disney version or the Mary Martin one, not the disturbing Barrie version who tries to kill Wendy) and his dedication to staying young forever. I thought it was a great idea and wished I could find Never-Never Land myself; pirates, ticking crocodiles and all. With my 30th birthday looming, in just a couple of days, I was thinking about Peter Pan today and wishing he would come visit so that I could stop time for short while. Though, sadly. I guess I would be too old for Never-Never Land now. Back when I watched Peter Pan singing "I'll never grow up" I couldn't imagine myself as a grown up, and I still sometimes have trouble adjusting to the fact that I am one now. But I guess Chili Davis had the right idea when he said " Growing old is mandatory- Growing up is optional." But still, I wouldn't turn down a trip to Never-Never Land with Peter, even now.

"And if it means I must prepare to shoulder burdens with a weary air, I'll never grown up, never grow up, never grow up- not me!


Great choice this week, I love the movie and I keep meaning to read the book but I haven't gotten to it yet. One of these days I'm going to though.

Peter Pan tries to kill Wendy??? I have to read this book now!

Peter Pan may be every adults dream anymore. lol. ;) I here ya! I would love to be younger again, physically anyway. I am starting to feel the aches and pains. :) Great pick this week!

No, Tinker Bell tries to kill Wendy (and she does in the Disney movie, too.) But she does more to her in the book.

It's kind of disturbing that you don't like the ORIGINAL and REAL Peter Pan. :P ;)

And for a Peter Pan adventure unlike any other, click here !


Stephanie: I read Peter Pan for a class in college and I was surprised how dark it really is. From what I recall, the kids in Never-Never Land were babies that fell out of their carriages, when their mothers weren't looking, and died, ending up in Never Never Land. And towards the end, when Peter tried to take Wendy's daughter with him and Wendy tries to stop him, he pulls out a knife and tries to stab her.

Ryan: I loved the Mary MArtin movie when I was little. My cousin and I used to spend hours acting it out, though we both used to fight over who got to be Tiger Lilly.

Melissa: I'm just getting nervous about how years seem to pass so much quicker now then they used to. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I was 20, it doesn't seem that long ago.

Never Fairy: I checked back with the book and saw that it was actually Wendy's daughter Jane who Peter pulled a knife out on. Though since I read the book for a college course, this one line in the book was evaluated in much more detail then the book actually goes into,which is probably why I remember that part so clearly.
I wouldn't say it's disturbing that I prefer the movie version of Peter Pan. First of all that is the version I first became familiar with, and second, the original Peter Pan in not a particularly pleasant or likable character.

Ah! Yes, that scene is a little unnerving. :) But it also says immediately, "Of course he did not strike. He sat down on the floor instead and sobbed" I'll agree with you that Peter Pan can be construed as unlikable. But he's also quite vulnerable, too. Hook is also unlikable in some ways and yet admirable in others. That's the beauty of Barrie - he's very good at showing the dual nature. ;)

i've never read barrie's peter pan book but i did watch the disney version. i can't say i care much for peter pan (or for older disney movies for that matter). hmmm... but i read y'all's comments and it's interesting and thought provoking...

chelleyreads: I can see we have some real differences of opinion here. I can't believe you don't like Robin Hood or Peter Pan! We are going to have to find some common ground if we're going to make this relationship work :)

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