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Favorite Fictional Character: Locke Lamora

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Favorite Fictional Character
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For some reason I often find myself attracted to fantasy books that feature a thief as the central character. And one of my favorite thief characters is Locke Lamora from Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora.

After being orphaned as a child, Lock Lamora joins the Thiefmaker's gang where he is trained as a pickpocket and thief. But while skilled at his new vocation, Lamora is too much of a showman and ends up bringing unwanted attention to the Thiefmaker's gang, so he gets sold to Chains, the leader of the Gentleman Bastards.

As a Gentleman Bastard, Lamora learns all manner of skills, from cooking gourmet meals to farming to fighting; knowledge that allows him to slip into any identity that he chooses. And once Lamora becomes the gang's leader, he focuses on conning the city's nobility out of their money through one audacious scheme after another.

Locke Lamora is a thief with no altruistic intentions. While he enjoying conning the rich, he is no Robin Hood, as all the money goes into his own pockets. And he and his gang steal for no other reason then that they enjoy the thrill. Yet Lamora is such a fun character to follow- witty, charming and intelligent- that you can't help falling under his spell. And I love the brilliant schemes he comes up with, each of which requires him to don a different costume and personality. Lamora is definitely one of the most interesting and fun book characters that I have encountered.


This sounds really good he is similar to the character in the book I'm reading..Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief

Sounds like a fun character that I would enjoy reading. Thanks for the post.

That was one of my favorite reads last year. Locke is just awesome, so I completely support your choice.

I don't know who you are - but i just stumbled upon your page - and am currently reading "red seas under red skies" - and just the other day thought the same exact thing as your first sentence "For some reason I often find myself attracted to fantasy books that feature a thief as the central character." - do you have any other recommendations?

not really drawn to thief characters/robin hood-esque stories because i'm not too fond of the robin hood legend but you know, fantasy novels have the loveliest cover art and this is no exception.

Caitlin: I never heard of The Thief before but I just looked in up and it sounds very interesting. I'll have to see if I can get a hold of it. Thanks for the recommendations!

Ryan: You should definitely give this book a try. It's a lot of fun

shupcey: Thanks for stopping by! I haven't read Red Seas yet though I heard it wasn't as good as the first book so I haven't been rushing to read it. How are you enjoying it?
Irritatingly enough, I can't remember most of the thief books that I read and enjoyed. There was one about a thief who steals from a wizard and gets caughts, but I can't remember the title. Villains by Necessity is a book I really enjoyed, many years ago, and plan to reread again soon. If I can remember any others, I will let you know.

chelleyreads: You don't like Robing Hood??!! How can you not like Robin Hood? He's so cool! I won't hold it against you through, since you seem like a lovely person otherwise :)

Bryce: He is awesome. And I would totally be into meeting him since I'm not a noble and wouldn't have to worry about getting robbed

I think I have this book on my list to get. It does sound really good. I seem to enjoy reading of thieves myself. I don't know if its the danger or the sly cunning they could have. But they are always great to read about. Thanks for this wonderful character. I have the book written down to check and see if its on the list, 'cause if not it will be now.

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