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Help me Interview Jasper Fforde and win a Fforde Book

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One of the great things about having a book blog is that it gives me an excuse to get in touch with authors whose books I enjoy. So after recently completing another wonderfully fun and quirky Thursday Next novel, I contacted the author, Jasper Fforde, for an interview.

Mr. Fforde responded (yes, I'm interacting with the man himself!) that he would be happy to answer some questions for me, if they are not ones that he has already answered. The email included a link to a list of 500 + questions and answers, from Jasper Fforde's website.

I visited the link provided and began perusing the questions. Ten minutes later I was feeling rather disheartened. It appears that any question I could think of asking Jasper Fforde, has already been asked. From how he chose the literary characters to include in his books to information about his affinity for Volkswagens (OK, I didn't know about that one).

I was very discouraged at my inability to come up with something new and creative to ask and was tempted to just throw in the gauntlet and give up on this interview. But then I thought that maybe some of you out there could help me out, perhaps some of you can help me save the interview! (cue swelling of music)

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to ask you to come up with some good interview questions that I can ask Fforde and which are not already answered at his web site. I need questions that are unique and intelligent; unmatched in their individuality and ingeniously inventive. Though questions do need to be related to the author or his books (so although he probably has not been asked if he prefers Eric or Bill, I'm not going to ask him that either).

The winner of the contest will receive one Jasper Fforde book of their choice. The contest is open internationally and will run until November 17th.

To enter, you must first be a follower of this blog and then you just send me your question in the comment box below. You will receive one entry for each question, though each question should be sent in a separate comment box. Also make sure to include your email address with at least one of your comments so that I wont' have any trouble contacting the winner.

For more information about Jasper Fforde and his books, visit his website.

You can also read the reviews I wrote about The Eyre Affair and Lost in a Good Book, the first two books in his Thursday Next series.


I have never heard of this author but his books sound interesting. Man he has been asked a lot of questions..lol

What about asking him if *insert book title* was made into a movie, who would he invision as the lead actor/ess? (didn't think I seen a question like that)


What is his favorite writing snack? LOL

I've been an admirer of this author every since reading 'The Big Over Easy', the first in his Nursery Crimes series.

a question:
Has he ever participated in NaNoWriMo? Why or why not?

does he ever do anything authorly with his (I think) sister in law Katie Fforde who is also a novelist? Do they write brainstorm together, do booksignings together, compete with one another? And do the non-authorly members of their family ever get fed up with them for the pressure on them to be wildly creative?

mayamissani AT yahoo DOT ca

don't see a follower button on your sidebar

just noticed you said you live in the Judean desert - my mom lived in Haifa for five years and really enjoyed it. Had to leave for health reasons and still misses the Mediterranean climate.

I'm a big fan of Jasper Fforde and having misspent some of my youth in Swindon would ask:
"Why Swindon? Were you sponsored by the Swindon Tourist Board or did too many times round the Magic Round-about befuddle your senses?"

Oh another question I have wanted to ask.
"Isn't ironic that The Eyre Affair is set in Swindon in 1980s in a world besotted with books and literature when in our world in 1980s Swindon was reputed not to have a single bookshop?" :0)

And a classic -
" If I could be a literary heroine I would love to be Thursday Next. Who would Jasper Fforde choose to be?"

I have a ton of others but most are answered on the website.
Good luck with interview

BTW I'm eshchory

Great questions, guys, keep them coming! Esther, I didn't even realize Swindon is a real place.

Ladystorm: If you have not read a Jasper Fforde book you definitely should. They are so clever and fun

M.- I never read his Nursery Crimes books but I'm currently making my way through the Thursday Next series and loving it all the way.
And to follow the blog, if you are signed into Blogger there should be a "follow this blog" button on the top or you can subscribe through the button at the top of the side bar or the other one further down the page.
I've not spent too much time in Haifa, I live about three hours away in Mitzpe Yericho, which although only 30 minutes outside of Jerusalem it feels like we are in the middle of nowhere. I know I love living in the desert. It's so quiet and peaceful here

if he could take credit for any book in the world (if he was the author) which book would it be? rephrase: is there a book that you've read that you wish you had written because it was just so good?

haleymathiot at yahoo.com

i know that I, as a writer, have written several books that are no good. is the first book you ever wrote any good or was it trashed? did you re-write it into something that you've now published? or did you just delete it and pretend you never thought it up?

haleymathiot at yahoo dot ocm

Has he been asked: "What literary character would you NEVER put in a novel?"

I rather like his books. :)

I just love his books !!!!!! I love the Footernoterphone! and all the amazing literart characters he brings to life.
1) Which characters speak out to you more? and do you find that your characters haunt you when you are not writing? ( not in a dead way, but something that keeps rattling around in your brain itching to get out).
2) What keeps you thinking "outside" the box for instance? your material is so fresh....

S Shenhav

What would you do to make your characters believable?

Have you ever thought of writing something of a different genre?

Which is the easiest part of writing a novel?

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Cool giveaway! I've never read a book of his before but they sound good, especially The Eyre Affair.

So here are some of my suggestions...

1. Which among your novels was the hardest or took you the longest to write? Why?

2. Which book did you have the most fun writing?

3. How does it feel when you receive negative reviews about your work. Does it take you a long time to get over it? Or do you just say to yourself 'Well, you can't please everybody.'?

Hope those questions help. :)


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