Sunday, October 25, 2009

Win Free Books at these Book Blog Giveaways

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I had a bit of free time this morning so I spent it browsing through the various blogs I have recently begun following and I discovered that there are tons of great contests and books giveaways currently going on. Since I'm pretty new to the blogging world I don't know if there are always this many contests or if its just in honor of Halloween, but here are a few of my favorites:

The Book Rat
is giving away one book, from her collection of books reviewed, which can be chosen by the winner. There are a number of ways to enter, including becoming a follower, commenting on the blog and helping promote the contest through Twitter.
The contest runs until Nov. 30th and is open internationally.

Blood Bookaholic is giving away two books, Rowan of the Woods and Witch in the Water, by Christine Rose and Ethan Rose. The winner also receives a stake (Yup, you read right. The pointy kind, meant to be thrust into the chest of the undead, not the kind you throw on the grill). The contest is open worldwide and ends October 31st.

The Lateiner Gang is giving away a whole bunch of great books including The Maze Runner, which is a book I personally really want to read. They are also giving away a $200 gift card to tht Apple Store (now THAT is a cool prize!). This contest is only open to those with a US address and it runs until Nov. 28th.

Fresh Fiction has a whole lot of really great book giveaways going on, offered directly by the authors, and it looks like they are all open to international residents. To enter, all you have to do if fill out your name, email and zipcode.

There are plenty more contests going on, many of which you can find listed at

Good Luck!


The problem with this book giveaways is that 90% of them are for USA or Canada residents...

Hi Ramona,
Actually, there are a surprising amount of contest open to international resident. Many bloggers do make an effort to have contests open to everyone, so its always worth taking a look. Of the ones I listed above, only one of them isn't. I actually just won a book from Bitten by Books, and I never win anything. :^)

Dear Simcha,

What an awesome blog, thanks for sharing this!

Might I make a suggestion? Could you build the urls in a way that on opening the url you're directed to a new page in stead of opening it in the same window of your blog?

Warm regards,

Hi Marion, thanks for stopping by.
I always appreciate suggestions and yours is a good one. I'll be sure to make an effort to direct links to a new page.

All the best,


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